Setting your organisation up with the Outcomes Star

If you know that the Outcomes Star is the right tool for your service, and you know which version of the Star will work for you, then the next step is to arrange licensing and determine which training options will best suit your organisation.

Since 2013, organisations wishing to use the Outcomes Star and associated tools must have:

  • Star licenses for every member of staff using the Star
  • Provided at least Core Star training for every member of Staff using the Star

Costs will depend on how many members of staff will use the Star. Find out more about the options available below. Please note that Star training can only be delivered by Unique Outcomes or by people on Unique Outcomes Licensed Star Trainer scheme.

Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd is the copyright holder of the Outcomes Star and all associated tools. For more information about our approach to copyright and for guidelines on how to comply with copyright requirements, please see our copyright page.

Star Licences

Every member of staff using the Outcomes Star must be covered by a Star licence.


Star Training

The completion of core Star training by every member of staff using the Star is a condition of the Star licences. Unique Outcomes offer a variety of flexible ways for organisations of all shapes and sizes to access Star training.


Are you looking for Star costs to include in a bid or contract?

If you are planning to include the Outcomes Star in a funding bid or contract tender, there are some key areas you will need to consider – these are set out below, along with what information you need to know in order to work out how much the associated costs will be.

With answers to these questions, you could use our Products and Price list to build an idea of the costs for your bid. Or, you could talk to Unique Outcomes to get a quote based on your needs or to discuss the options further.

What you’ll need to consider:

Suitability of the Star

For the Star to work for you, your service should:

  • offer 1 to 1 keyworking with service users
  • work holistically with many aspects of a service users life
  • work with service users on a longer term basis (at least more than 6 weeks)

You should check there is a published version suitable for your service.

Licence Costs

You need to identify:

  • how many members of staff would use the Outcomes Star tool

Initial Training Options

It is a condition of licensing that each worker must participate in at least the “basics course” before they start using the Star with clients.

If you have 6 or more workers to train, we can run an in-house 7-hour course on-site or through virtual workshops using zoom.

If there are fewer than 6 workers, we can include them in one of our “open” courses, run virtually.

This “basics introductory” course is best suited to experienced practitioners with established skills for client engagement, facilitating “difficult conversations” and client centred planning.

An “enhanced introductory” course- usually at least 14 hours- can also be offered on-site or virtually. This is usually a better choice for staff at earlier stages of developing skills for client engagement, facilitating “difficult conversations” and client centred planning. As well as the content covered in the basics course, this includes deeper exploration of the challenges your staff may face in introducing the Outcomes Star to their work.

Once staff have been using the Outcomes Star for some time, we offer further customised training options, including:

  • an “early days practice review” to help gather the emerging practice wisdom in your team,
  • using the Star in Supervision for team leaders and managers
  • advanced skill development for “challenging conversations” and/or client-centred action planning
  • connecting the Outcomes Star with specific practice frameworks such as strengths-based or narrative approaches and motivational interviewing.

Bid Suggestion

We will use the [Name of Star] Star, part of the Outcomes Star™ family of tools from Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd.Provided below is an example of what you might like to include in your bid [delete as appropriate for you]:

  • More information can be found here
  • We have chosen the Outcomes Star because it is a robust method of measuring outcomes and will support and improve our direct work with service users.
  • Its advantages include:
    • It is validated and robustly tested, so we can be confident of its quality
    • It will allow us to get an accurate sense of change in the individuals we work with and across our service as a whole
    • It covers a range of relevant outcomes areas supporting us to work holistically and in a person-centric way
    • It is easy to use and will help structure our keywork within a consistent framework and support more targeted, effective action planning
    • It is good value for money
  • We intend to use the Star with [number of service users] people from [date] to [date].
  • The costs of purchasing the tool are broken down into two areas:
    • Licencing: we will need Type 1 licences to use the Star Online.
    • Training: we will need [number of open or in-house core training courses, or Licensed Trainers] from Triangle.