The Outcomes Star is widely used by hundreds of organisations with frontline services in the UK and across the world. As a practical way of delivering person-centred, strengths-based, outcomes-driven support, the Star can be used by organisations of all shapes and sizes, from individual practitioners and local charities through to local government departments and NHS Trusts.

Case studies from the UK:

Lloyds Bank Foundation and the Star

Using the Well-being Star across health settings

Using Youth Star data with Hertfordshire County Council

Using the Stars with children and young people

Using Family Star Plus data with Staffordshire County Council 

St Basils: Giving young people a voice


Family Action: Putting the family at the centre

Australian examples:

Implementing the Outcomes Star well in a multi-disciplinary environment 


Triangle are developing more case studies that show how the Star has been effective in different projects, services and organisations. If your organisation use the Outcomes Star and you would be willing to contribute to a case study about your services and staff, please contact us for more information.

Watch our short video, filmed at Triangle’s November 2017 event celebrating over 10 years of the Outcomes Star, and hear from three professionals as they share their experience of using the Outcomes Star in their organisation: