Since the launch of the Carer Gateway in early 2020, we have trained approximately 60 Carers Star Licensed Trainers. As a member of this crew, you are part of the largest team of Licensed Outcomes Star Trainers in the world

As a Licensed Carers Star Trainer, you play a key role in ensuring the Carers Star is used in ways that are positive and useful for carers and carer support workers. You may be facilitating initial and refresher training, coaching, and facilitating practice reviews, and participating in various meetings about use of the Carers Star. Above all, it’s your responsibility to be a ‘Star champion’ in your service.

The agreement you signed at the completion of the Train the Trainer course spells out what you can expect from us in supporting your work and what we expect from you. Click here to review this Agreement.

At a minimum, we expect to catch up with you for a Mandatory Annual Development Workshop. 

Each year you are in the Licensed Trainer role, you will be notified of options for these virtual (Zoom) 2-hour workshops. They are an opportunity to connect with other Carer Gateway Carers Star Trainers to reflect on your work, share new discoveries and challenges and participate in activities designed to strengthen good practice in the Licensed Trainer role.

Of course, we’re also keen to hear from you at any time in relation to specific questions, issues, requests, learnings or “good news stories” by contacting Alana Westrupp who provides general support to all LTs or pAul montgomery who provides specialised support for Carer Gateway Carers Star Licensed Trainers.