Equipping and supporting you to use the Outcomes Star effectively

All members of staff using the Outcomes Star must have a Star licence and must have completed core Outcomes Star training.

Star training available from Unique Outcomes

Training is essential to support quality use of the Outcomes Star within keywork and gather reliable data. Unique Outcomes offer a range of training courses to help your organisation get the most out of your investment in the Outcomes Star:

  • Open or in-house Basics Introduction to using the Outcomes Star (1 day in person, or a series of virtual workshops)
  • Making the most of the Outcomes Star – more advanced Introduction training (2 days in person, or 6-10 virtual workshops)
  • Open or in-house Licensed Star Trainer Training (2-3 days in person, or a series of virtual workshops)
  • In-house Refresher Star training (1/2 or 1 day in person, or a series of virtual workshops)
  • In-house Manager Star briefings (2-3 hours in person, or by virtual workshop)

Special offer: if you book Refresher training at the same as you book Introductory training, you’ll receive a 10% discount on the overall cost.

Contact us to book Star training for your organisation. We usually need around 3-4 weeks’ notice in order to organise a trainer, so please speak to us about your timescales. Please note any members of staff completing Star training will also need Star licences.


“All staff have reported back positively about the training and how they can’t wait to get going now. Kate is a very experienced trainer who delivered the information clearly, effectively and in a very engaging manner. The training was just great and has motivated the team who are very keen now to introduce the Outcome Star as soon as we can.”
– Manager, service provider

Some top tips for using the Star with service users.