As an Outcomes Star Licensed Trainer (LT) you are part of an important, vibrant and growing community. There are now more than 150 LT’s across Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. The LT role is key for ensuring the Star is used to its full potential and usually involves facilitating initial and refresher training, facilitating practice reviews, coaching, briefing managers and being a ‘Star champion’. LT’s often coordinate the implementation of the Star within their organisation’s practice and are frequently their organisation’s Account Lead.

The agreement signed at the completion of the Train the Trainer course spells out the expectations for both LT’s and for Unique Outcomes support of you. We hope to continue to create stimulating and useful opportunities for LTs to connect and learn together.

From 2022 there will be 2 requirements for annual reaccreditation:

Participation in an Annual Development Workshop. These virtual (Zoom) 2.5 hour workshops will be offered at least monthly from February – December. You can choose any session that suits but we suggest finding one around the time your LT license is due for renewal ie usually the anniversary of when you completed the initial Train the Trainer course. In these workshops LTs will be invited to reflect on their journeys, share new discoveries and challenges and participate in activities designed to strengthen good practice in this key role.

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Participation in at least one Elective Session. These will be 90 minute Zoom sessions on a variety of topics relevant to the LT role. While you’re expected to attend at least one session you’re welcome to attend as many as you wish.

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Renewal of your accreditation as a LT will depend on you fulfilling the above requirements.

In addition to these 2 requirements we will continue to check in by email with you quarterly, give you access to LT newsletters, inform you of any important developments between newsletters and invite you to join the LT Facebook group.

Of course, we’re also keen to hear from you at any time in relation to specific questions, issues, requests, learnings or “good news stories” by contacting Alana Westrupp who provides general support to all LTs or the team member responsible for your ‘patch’, i.e. :

David Lees – Metro Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia

Amy Stephenson Queensland

Andrew Shirres – regional Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory

pAul montgomery – New South Wales and Australia Capital Territory

Annabelle Jerram– Aotearoa/New Zealand

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