The Outcomes Star for young people and their sexual health

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited

The Sexual Health Star is designed specifically for work with young people around sexual health. It is a focused but holistic tool and covers relationships, attitudes towards risk taking, confidence as well as contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

The Sexual Health Star was developed with Brook, the sexual health charity for young people.

The Sexual Health Star covers five outcome areas:

  1. Alcohol and drugs
  2. Sexually transmitted infections
  3. Contraception
  4. Friends and relationships
  5. Confidence to make the right choices

The Sexual Health Star is underpinned by a five-stage Journey of Change:

  1. Not safe and taking risks
  2. Wanting change
  3. Trying to change
  4. Mostly safe
  5. Safe and confident – enjoying their sexuality without harm to themselves or others

Full resources are available for organisations with a Star Licence and training for all workers and managers using the Star.