Giving your use of the Star a boost, fostering accurate data, quality assurance and effective Star practice – through responsive, client-led training

For workers and managers who have started using the Outcomes Star with their clients.  This training can be delivered at any time after core Star training, but works best after 6-12 months. The focus of the course will be responsive to your needs and can cover a number of areas.

These include:

  • Enabling staff to develop their skills in matching interventions and actions to where the client is on their journey
  • Enabling staff to develop their skills in completing Stars collaboratively with clients
  • Re-energising the implementation of the Star in your organisation and fixing any issues that have arisen since the initial Star training
  • Improving the accuracy and consistency of how Stars are completed
  • Getting the most from your Outcomes Star data

The content of the course will be tailored to suit your needs, and can include our other half-day courses such as Outcomes Star and Supervision (if the participants are line managers) or Outcomes Star and Action Planning (if the participants are practitioners.)

A maximum of 16 people can attend each session.  The course can either be a half day course or a full day course, depending on the content required.

Half day courses cost £640 (exclusive of trainer travel and VAT) and full day courses cost £1,190 (exclusive of trainer travel and VAT.) All materials are included.

Contact us to discuss your needs.