In-house Star sessions for managers

Engaging and equipping managers with the Outcomes Star to support effective implementation

In-house Manager Star sessions (half day or 1 day)

These are flexible workshops run by Triangle, which can be half day or a full day. We highly recommend a first session for managers before training for workers, to cover:

  • Briefing and orientation – including completing a Star
  • Ensuring the right version of the Star and approach to training
  • When the Star will be used and how it will be integrated
  • IT and reporting

This will help ensure that workers receive clear messages about how the Star will be used in their training. Once the Star is being used another session for managers is recommended to cover:

  • Interpreting and using the data for internal learning and reporting to funders
  • Use of the Star within supervision and team meetings
  • Auditing for consistency

In-house Manager Star sessions cost £1,190 for a full day or £690 for a 3.5 hour session, plus travel and VAT, and can be shaped to fit the time available, stage of implementation and questions you have. Materials are included.

Contact us for more information or to book this training for your organisation.