The Outcomes Star for people with housing and other needs

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited and the London Housing Foundation

The Homelessness Star was the first Outcomes Star to be published.  The initial prototype was developed  in 2003 by Triangle with St Mungo’s as part of the London Housing Foundation Impact through Outcomes programme.  The concept was then tested and further developed in a range of other services in London and in Rochdale leading to the publication of the first edition of the Outcomes Star in 2006. Although it was specifically developed for homelessness services, this version is widely used as a generic complex needs tool as well.

The Homelessness Star covers ten key outcome areas:

  1. Motivation and taking responsibility
  2. Self-care and living skills
  3. Managing money and personal administration
  4. Social networks and relationships
  5. Drug and alcohol misuse
  6. Physical health
  7. Emotional and mental health
  8. Meaningful use of time
  9. Managing tenancy and accommodation
  10. Offending

The underlying model of change for the Homelessness Star follows the core Outcomes Star Journey of Change:

  1. Stuck
  2. Accepting help
  3. Believing
  4. Learning
  5. Self-reliance

The Homelessness Star in other languages

We are working on and welcome enquiries regarding using this Star internationally and in other languages.  Currently we have resources available in

  • Catalan
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Please contact us for more information on translations and using the Star in another language.