“The journey toward good practice”

We were pinching ourselves this week as we stepped back into the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne to facilitate a rigorous exploration of practice with Merri Health carer support workers.

Last time we were here was early 2020, to host the inaugural Australasian conference for users of the Outcomes Star. Click here for a video reminder of this conference.

At the time we’d just been in  Canberra establishing a team of trainers from around Australia about to create  initial training for the new “Carer Gateway” initiative. The Melbourne conference included  contributions from people involved in this important nation-wide reform of carer support. Of course, we had no idea the pandemic was about to descend and make all our connections with these crews virtual ones for the foreseeable.

Two years on the Carer Gateway is well established and it’s a perfect time to bring together groups of workers to share their learnings and gather practice wisdom. The crew from Merri Health embraced this learning opportunity with great enthusiasm. Each worker shared at least one recorded work sample, inviting colleagues to offer targeted constructive feedback to support their journey toward good practice.

Over the next 6 months we’ll be visiting other teams around the country and if this first time is any indication, the learning will be rich.

We love co-designing unique learning experiences that have colleagues sharing and growing their competence and confidence in a variety of human service roles. Get in touch on our contact page if you’d like to explore practice development options for your crew.